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I lay on the side of him, smiling ear to ear thinking of how lucky I am to be able to have a relationship like this with someone. All I can think about is the warm and tasty hash browns from dunkin donuts.

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I would not say that my favorite day of the week is Monday because honestly I hate Mondays, Monday means time to get serious and get all-important things done, but for me, Fridays are the opposite.

It means that the time to have fun, sleep and not to anything is here.

Every person I basically know has a favorite day of the week. I`m one of those people who does have a favorite day of the week. There are all kinds of reasons why I like Sunday the most. Some people do chores and other people may go to church. One of the times we went bike riding we started from Bloomer Park and rode 25 miles through the park. There are many reasons why Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

Knowing that people do those things I do something totally different. Sunday is also my favorite day of the week because the next day is Monday.

With this I knew had to change the a whole seven days, however I learnt a lot of ways I can change my bad habit.

I do recommend others try this change because it can change the view of one’s life.

In addition, when I get to the very end of my stressful week besides the fact that I can not wait to start enjoying my weekend I get to feel joy and relief because; even thought, on Monday when the week started I did not want to do what I knew it was mandatory for me to do, I got to achieve everything successfully by the end of the week.

In the other hand, besides the fact that I love Fridays because I now that I have accomplished all of my weekly goals, I also love it because that means that I am finally going to spend time with the people I love the must.

My dad and I also spend time together by going bike riding to get some fresh air.

The reason is that if we don`t we will have to wait a half hour. They even have apple syrup pancakes, and banana nut surprise, and regular buttermade pancakes.


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