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Theses and dissertations done at UWM, and in the libraries' collection, are classified by a department (given a base call number) and then arranged, generally, by the author's last name.

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Occasionally, a senior honors paper may also be deposited in the library and will be included in these lists.

Some departments accept a master's paper as part of the requirement for a degree.

contains Temple University dissertations and some masters theses.

Temple dissertations are available in PDF full-text from 1997 to present. Full text of Temple dissertations from May 2008 are also available at the page.

, Kayla Lee Whittington PDF Tryon Trekkers: An Evaluation of a STEM Based Afterschool Program for At-Risk Youth, Chessa Eckels Anderson PDF Learning Through Nature: A Study of a Next Generation Science Standards Based Teacher Workshop that Blends Outdoor Learning Experiences with Formal Science, Ashley Fanning PDF Connecting to Nature, Community, and Self: A Conservation Corps Approach to Re-engaging At-Risk Youth in Science Education, Sara Jo Linden PDF Growing STEM Education on the Playground: A Case Study of the Factors That Influence Teachers’ Use of School Gardens, Megan Poole PDF Creating a Learning Continuum: A Critical Look at the Intersection of Prior Knowledge, Outdoor Education, and Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Ideas and Practices, Trisha Leigh Schlobohm PDF Keeley Probes as a Tool for Uncovering Student Ideas: How Do Teachers Use Formative Assessment Probes to Plan and Adapt Instruction?

, Kalin Tobler PDF The Effectiveness of Participation in a Project-based Learning Project on At-risk Student Self-Efficacy, Benjamin Aaron Weber PDF Origin and Use of Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Case Study of Three Math Teachers and Their Students, Christopher Neal Wood PDF Engineering a Healthier Watershed: Middle School Students Use Engineering Design to Lessen the Impact of Their Campus' Impervious Surfaces on Their Local Watershed, Elizabeth Claire Gardner PDF Isn’t Citizen Science a Hoot?, Lindsey Joan Mockel PDF Patterns in Nature Forming Patterns in Minds : An Evaluation of an Introductory Physics Unit, Christopher Ryan Sheaffer PDF Grouped to Achieve: Are There Benefits to Assigning Students to Heterogeneous Cooperative Learning Groups Based on Pre-Test Scores?, Arman Karl Werth PDF Sustainability Education as a Framework for Enhancing Environmental Stewardship in Young Leaders: An Intervention at Tryon Creek Nature Day Camp, Andrea Nicole Lawrence PDF Do "Clickers" Improve Student Engagement and Learning in Secondary Schools?Temple Libraries own all doctoral dissertations completed at Temple University, but not a complete collection of Masters theses.Be sure to check Temple University's Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Searchable by Keyword, Author, Title, School, Subject, Abstract, Advisor, Degree, and Language. Includes dissertations and theses from North American and European universities.Lownsbery PDF Using Music-Related Concepts to Teach High School Math, Vytas Nagisetty PDF Project NANO: Will Allowing High School Students To Use Research Grade Scanning Electron Microscopes Increase Their Interest in Science?, Leslie Ten Eyck Smith PDF Effects of Ethnicity and Gender on Sixth-Grade Students' Environmental Knowledge and Attitudes After Participation in a Year-Long Environmental Education Program, Rachel Stagner PDF Integrating K-W-L Prompts into Science Journal Writing: Can Simple Question Scaffolding Increase Student Content Knowledge?For more search options, use the Dissertations & Theses database.Master's theses and doctoral dissertations owned by the UWM Libraries are listed in [email protected], by author, title, and subject.


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    Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology Online Contains listings of dissertations in progress as well as completed dissertations in the field of Musicology from 1986 to the present. Mostly North American Listings, but some international coverage. The database provides citations for the dissertations. To access actual dissertations, use.…

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