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If a subsequent edition is cited, the number should be given.Abbreviate “New revised edition” as “New rev ed”; “Revised edition” as “Rev ed; “American edition” as “American ed”; and British edition” as “British ed.” References to bulletins published by departments or agencies of a government should include the following information, in the order indicated: (1) name of author (if given); (2) title of bulletin; (3) place of publication; (4) name of issuing bureau, agency, department, or other governmental division (note that in this position, Department should be abbreviated Dept; also note that if an author supplies US Government Printing Office as the publisher, it would be preferable to obtain the name of the issuing bureau, agency, or department, if possible); (5) date of publication; (6) page numbers, if specified; (7) publication number, if any; and (8) series number if given. References to theses should include the location of the university (or other institution), its name, and year of completion of thesis.They identified 20 genes that were active at different levels in vulnerable female brain regions. Among the remaining genes, the increased activity of S1PR2 stood out because researchers knew from previous studies that the protein regulates how easy it is for cells and molecules to pass through the walls of blood vessels.

"When we looked at its function in mice, we found that it can determine whether immune cells cross blood vessels into the brain.

These cells cause the inflammation that leads to MS." An investigational MS drug currently in clinical trials blocks other receptors in the same protein family but does not affect S1PR2.

When the researchers tested brain tissue samples obtained from 20 patients after death, they found more S1PR2 in MS patients' brains than in people without the disorder.

Brain tissue from females also had higher levels of S1PR2 than male brain tissue.

If the thesis has been published, it should be treated as any other book reference.

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