Multi Genre Research Papers

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The multigenre paper thus engages students in a higher level of creative thought. Romano discovered through classroom experience that students must orient readers by writing an introduction that clearly explains the process used in developing the paper and that also contextual-izes the topic.

At the same time, it helps them develop and hone their basic skills. He suggests that the first genre to follow the introduction be carefully chosen, because its powerful position will set the tone for the entire product.

When I read her novels, I know that I will meet interesting characters, I will laugh and perhaps even cry, and I will close the book after reading a happy ending.

Before I began researching this topic, I knew a great deal about Jane Austen because I have been a fan of her novels for about thirteen years and I read several Jane Austen publications, mostly personal blogs created by other fans.

Finally, my fourth artifact is a collection of Austen heroine trading cards, constructed using images from popular Jane Austen films and photo-editing software called Gimp.

I hope you will enjoy learning about Aunt Jane as much as I did. For me, part of good teaching includes creating new assignments to fit the students' interests and changes in society.Multigenre papers are layered with poetry, letters, scripts, song lyrics, narratives, and news articles created in response to information found through research. Personal topics, such as family history, take a new appearance and tone when the writer creates a letter that an ancestor did not have time to write.I was curious to learn why Jane Austen is so popular in our current culture.What is it about her novels that inspires such a devoted following?Multigenre research projects also allow for hyperlinking and embedding information, creating a complex web of information and intertextual resources. This site as a model for student multigenre research projects.If you explore the links in the sidebar to the left, you can learn more about Jane Austen, whom I like to call Aunt Jane, and I hope the project will also inspire you as you create your own projects.In addition, it speaks to the difficulty women have historically had in competing in male-dominated industries, such as writing.I have developed a deeper appreciation for Austen than I already had, and it is my hope that in reading my research, you will also learn more about Austen and perhaps even be inspired to read her works.The basis for Romano's approach is to "[r]esist explaining, summing up, and analyzing. In a traditional report on a typical research topic such as anorexia, the writer funnels information from primary or secondary sources into a standard form.When the writer uses the same source information to write a multigenre paper, however, the facts might become the basis of a realistic diary for a fictional victim of the disease, and the finished product might also include photographs, original drawings, or photocopied art. The multigenre paper is a new concept for most readers, and those who expect a traditional research paper will quickly lose their way.


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