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Botox was the leader in this group, with 6.7 million procedures comprising almost half of the total, followed in descending order by soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion.When medical services first started being offered in spas, there was a tendency to classify spas as either medical spa or day spa.A facility owned and run by physicians, with a predominately medical service menu, is going to have a totally different marketing approach than a day spa that offers one or two medical treatments per week.

If you use before and after photos on social sites or in any marketing, be sure to get a written consent from the patient, and don’t give medical advice online.

Make sure to research the laws in your state before marketing or advertising your medical spa services.

Can you add some lighting, or other décor touches that set you apart from other medical offices?

Spas should have a warm, friendly feel, unlike the clinical environment of a typical doctor’s office.

The Marketing and Medical Law It is crucial that you and your marketing team are aware of what the potential legal issues are regarding marketing messages in your state.

For instance, in California, it is illegal to use the phrase “as low as” or refer to prepaid services in your marketing. You must also consider HIPAA guidelines, especially when using social media.

Having a group of 20-30 women in your target profile in for an evening lecture and/or demonstration by the physician, with support from the esthetics staff, allows them to ask questions and get comfortable with the concept of medi-spa services while feeling comfortable with their friends and acquaintances.

Add some compelling imagery and promotions, and you’ll gain patients on the spot.

However, clients that seek out medical spa services generally expect the business to keep more flexible hours than your typical 9 am to 5pm (much like a day spa).

If your patients arrive for treatments in the evening or on a weekend, is the area a ghost town?


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