Medical Post Graduate Thesis

Medical Post Graduate Thesis-35
Mia Wadelius is the head of the Research Graduate Group (FUG) at our Department.Examiner: Write the name of the doctoral student's appointed examiner.

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Must defend his/her dissertation within the deadline set by the graduate school. Must adhere to the comments set by the panellists in the work they defend. Must submit a final document (both hard and soft copies) to the research coordinator. Final grade of the dissertation has to be issued on the very day of defence and must depend on the quality of the student’s dissertation evaluated by the panellists at the time.

As soon as the defence is done, there must not be any other additions/subtractions in the grades. Must not be a victim of plagiarism (this is an unforgivable sin). Students who have not fulfilled any or all of the above requirements must not be approved for defence and graduation.

The school of graduate studies does not tolerate the business of uplifting information from UK or American journals etc.

and put them in your dissertation/theses as your own.

GMS Abstracts can be up to 750 words (approximately 2 pages).

ICMR being a premier research agency for formulation, coordination and promotion of Biomedical Research in the country is also engaged in promoting critical mass of human resources as well as fostering research temperament amongst medical graduates.

Research is particularly the most valuable tool through which SPGSR uses to enhance capacity of students for them to fit in the faster technologically changing world and be able to contribute to an ideal world admired by everyone.

SPGSR believes Somaliland Institutions cannot address development challenges of the 21st Century without evidence supported policies.

Your readers would like to see how you make use of the ideas of previous researchers or opinions of other people and combine them with your own. Must have communicated well in the appropriate tenses.

This is the reason why studying English language is compulsory at GU. Must have appropriate page numbering through the whole thesis/dissertation 15.


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