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In 2007, Kaplan test prep reported that in a survey sent to all allopathic medical schools (about 125 at the time) and admissions officers from 83 schools responded.77% of the responding schools reported that GPA was the first or second factor considered in applications.

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75% of the responding schools reported that MCAT was the first or second factor considered in applications.

This implies that about 75% of the MD schools consider GPA and MCAT to the first two factors considered in an application.

Here are some of the basic facts you need to know about the MCAT, and how important it really is.

All allopathic (MD) medical schools have MCAT cutoffs, but where that cutoff lies varies by school and by year.

Letters of recommendation and community service round out the top five most important factors in determining admission.

Yet, the five most important pieces of data for making offers of acceptance are, in order: 1) Interview recommendation 2) Letters of recommendation 3) Science and math GPA (BCPM) 4) Medical community service 5) Cumulative GPA Clearly, once you pass a certain threshold, the numbers become less important and other factors are weighed more highly.Medical school admissions are more competitive every year.The toughest part for some is the dreaded MCAT test; six hours of academic torture, followed by six weeks of equally torturous waiting.If you just want to get into a medical school period, then you should make sure to study enough beat the 50% mark and focus more on other factors that are easier to control, such as recommendations and community service.If you cannot clear 495, then you should probably choose a different type of school; there are many types of medical schools that are not as concerned with MCAT scores.Unlike with business school and certain other types of degrees, there is no substitute test that can be used in place of it.Generally speaking, it is wiser to only take the test once, since all scores must be submitted to the school. Since medical school applications have risen in recent years, the MCAT has become more important because it is the most efficient way for schools to weed out large numbers of candidates.A high MCAT score can compensate for a low GPA, or vice versa. Medical schools love to see high science GPA’s, in particular.The GPA reflects how seriously an applicant has taken his or her undergraduate studies. Generally, anything above a 3.5 GPA is considered very good and very competitive.So just how concerned should you be about earning a 515 or better on your MCAT?Every student applying to allopathic (MD) medical school must take the MCAT.


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