Martin Van Buren Essay

While many would count this as a negative, I would argue that it allowed for the public to be able to make clearer choices when it came to candidates, and allowed for the hardcore Jeffersonians to have a home again after Madison and Monroe's flip flopping.

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Early on, Calhoun and his supporters had attacked him as an abolitionist (a smear used against any threat to the institution). In the case, the Supreme Court had freed the captured Africans aboard a Spanish ship that they had grounded and successfully mutinied on.

Van Buren, while personally anti-slavery but always wanting to keep political alliances, denied this and stated explicitly he would go along with the "gag rules" active in Congress and not attempt to abolish slavery in D. This undertook a dramatic turn in the 1841 case of Armistead v. Van Buren, before the case was decided, was very willing to give up the slaves back if it meant continued peace with Spain. However, it is important to keep in mind that Van Buren was not a James Buchanan in the way that he dealt with the Southern section of his party.

Martin Van Buren is probably one of most maligned, and paradoxically one of the most forgotten United States presidents.

However, in his time, he was one of the biggest forces to occupy the Democratic Party.

All in all, what can historical hindsight make of Van Buren's legacy.

There is a notion in public choice economics called the median voter model whereby most presidents will cater to the center while in office.The first, and most laudatory, was his peaceful foreign policy. He was also successful in preventing two wars with Mexico and the U. by maintaining a neutral stance that promoted free trade over mercantilist conflict.He also opposed the annexation of Texas for fear it would divide the party over the slavery question (and boy was he right about that! This was a trait seen during the Jackson administration, when he successfully negotiated a trade settlement with the British West Indies, and prevented a war with France over Jackson's hot temper.He also became entrenched in the vicious and expensive Second Seminole War that his predecessor had started.By continuing the Trail of Tears, he solidified his place in history as someone who did not fully embrace all people's natural rights.If one looks at the evidence, the "free banking" era as it's known among economic historians, it was the most stable of any period in U. This is not to say there aren't some major issues with his presidency.For one thing, Van Buren continued Jackson's policy of Native American removal from the Southeast in direct defiance of John Marshall's ruling that they possessed private property to the land they occupied.In contrast to Jackson and Calhoun, he sought to maintain alliances and friendships.While men like John Randolph were more consistent, Van Buren, unlike Jefferson when his time came for the presidency, maintained a more consistently antistatist line during his time in office.Van Buren, contrary to popular misconception, was not at the mercy of a financial meltdown due to a lack of "modern presidential tools." His diagnoses of the situation resembled that of William Leggett and the Locofocos.In sum, it was due to the 2nd BUS' inflationary policies that caused over-speculation and turned boom into bust.


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