Margaret Atwood Feminist Essay

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The powerful figures in The Handmaids Tale would be considered the Commander’s wives or the Aunts.Gilead could be represented as a hierarchy with the Commander wives at the top of the pyramid.

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Women’s rights have been downgraded and as a result of this women are used to bear children and are constantly watched by the eye.

The Handmaids are considered powerful figures in the novels’ society while living in a dystopia of cultural feminism, which cause them to be degraded women with a loss of identity.

Audre Lorde, a black poet and activist who was integral to feminist politics in the 1970s and 1980s, knew well the power of anger.

And women have plenty of reasons to be angry in 2018.

Infighting caused Anselma Dell’Olio, founder of a feminist performance art ensemble, to publicly resign from her group. Mostly sisters.) Radical feminist Jo Freeman wrote about feminists’ detrimental infighting habits in I was therefore apprehensive when I saw the response Margaret Atwood’s #metoo op-ed garnered on Twitter.

Ti-Grace Atkinson similarly resigned from the Radical Feminists, which she helped found, due to infighting. Atwood became a wildly popular figure among contemporary feminists after Hulu adapted her 1985 novel Female activists went so far as to even show up at pro-abortion protests wearing the garb of the female reproductive slaves in Atwood’s speculative fiction.

The tone of Atwood’s op-ed was abrasive — it sometimes felt like a lecture delivered from a preacher’s pulpit — but it seems like many Twitter users reacted to the content of her op-ed, her call for due process and judiciousness.

To some, it was an affront to the needs of the victims of sexual assault and harassment.

Lorde recognized that women come to feminist activism with different life experiences, and she encouraged her fellow feminists to recognize and respect those differences.

In the 1981 speech I quoted above, Lorde said: “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” This is exactly the philosophy championed by the organizers behind the Women’s March; these organizers want to be cognizant and supportive of all women, whether they be racial minorities, undocumented, transgender, queer, etc.


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