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are part of this story about Javascript package management. By the time I'm done with this story, you'll know why you're part of it, and why that matters.

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I’m going to tell you a story about who owns the Java Script language commons, how we got here, and why we need to change it.

It’s a story about money as much as it is about Javascript— money and ownership and control.

Also my communication skills have broadened, like to ask questions to make sure that the other party understands what I am talking about.

Body language will show me if they understand or not, if someone is fidgety or yawning I know that I need to get their attention as soon as possible. You were a great teacher and I pray that I have you as a teacher again in another class.

It takes more than just a smile to run a business, and run a business the right way.

It takes a team to do a good job, not just any team but a team that actually works together.

Javascript was starting to be very interesting as a programming language, around then thanks to jquery and modern browsers adhering to a spec.

Server-side Javascript was a hot topic, and there were several projects in motion attempting to make that happen.

It’s also a story about power—who has it, how much of it you have, and what we can do with it. Yahoo was the heart of a lot of Javascript activity back then.

It employed a lot of Javascript thought leaders, like Douglas Crockford, and it was pushing the state of the art forward.


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