Macaulay Honors College Essay 2014

Macaulay Honors College Essay 2014-11
SLIDE For example, Karl Stolley has his students compose entirely in code, setting up their own servers and designing their own sites from the metaphorical ground up.

The program is supported with Instructional Technology Fellows (such as myself) who run workshops, immersion events, and are available for consultation throughout their coursework.

Therefore, although the test group is made up of a diverse sample of students, since they are provided with equal – and exemplary – resources in the pursuit of their studies, the Macaulay students represent a strong case study.

From blog posts, to scholarly journals, and of course the rising interest of popular media outlets, everyone seems to have an opinion of the integration of blogging technology in higher education.

Even a cursory Google search produces a host of constituent assertions that support the use of online writing platforms, such as eportfolios, in college-level courses.

Claims in favor of this integration include that writing in public venues cultivates digital literacy through broader audience awareness, facilitates interactivity and collaboration between peers, and supports the creation and integration of multimedia artifacts into the writing process.

However, most of these assertions are based on anecdotal narratives or survey results that focus on the experience of the faculty and administrators involved.

In fact, I am going to use the prompts provided by the call to outline my project in order to present my hypothesis, data, methodology, and initial findings.

Prompts: SLIDE What are the best practices for evaluating the “value-added” of a particular course or program?

View the full program here Full text of this presentation will be added to this post soon.

Full Text (note slide advance prompts are included): When this call for papers came out, it was if I created it to match my dissertation project, since the research track – “Data-driven Evaluation of e Portfolios in an Age of Increased Accountability” – expresses my topic exactly.


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