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Turpin’s faultless, fully-voiced narration embodies authentic dialects and accents; her sonorous, dramatic tone and commanding presence intensify the somber power of the author’s words. Accompanied by original musical motifs that enhance the storytelling, combined with a remarkable depth of characterization, this short episodic production is a perfect listen for those new to audiobooks. Seventeen individuals, including a Korean shopkeeper, Latino street hustlers, gritty cops, and sympathetic nurses, are artfully voiced by five actors evoking an emotional range from poetic reflection to brutal violence. His dramatic narration of passenger and crew experiences, as well as military and political machinations, propels listeners ever nearer to the inevitable and tragic conclusion. Unfolding with quiet intensity, the well-matched voices result in fully-realized characters which combine to create mounting psychological and sexual tension in this revelatory listening experience.

Narrated by Anthony Rey Perez, Marisol Ramirez, Jim Cooper, Adam Lazarre-White, and James Chen. Listen-Alikes: In a single evening, two CIA agents and former lovers expose old memories and reveal differing perspectives of a terrorist attack. Listen-Alikes: After marrying to escape her socially pretentious mother, Lady Emily falls in love with the deceased husband she barely knew while investigating his questionable acquisition of Greek antiquities. Narrated by David Horovitch, Jamie Parker, Joseph Kloska, Alison Pettitt, and cast. Listen-Alikes: provide a counterpoint to her raw grief. Listen-Alikes: , Kelsea harnesses her strengthening magic and confronts the Red Queen while experiencing visions of an abused woman living in a vastly different civilization. Listen-Alikes: Locked inside a tanker truck, abandoned in the desert, nineteen Latino immigrants are left to die. Listen-Alikes: Haute couture and social media collide in an absurdly entertaining face-off between Imogen, a 40-something magazine editor, and tech-savvy Eve, her power-hungry former assistant. Listen-Alikes: Carter creates a ripping good listen, weaving together a rich tapestry of adventure and historical authenticity in this captivating tale of a search for a social rebel. Listen-Alikes: Marcia and Farouk, married but rarely together, share a love that spans decades despite being buffeted by a strict social hierarchy and a need for independence. Listen-Alikes: Disgraced journalist Finkel is thrown a lifeline when he learns accused murderer Christopher Longo, one of the FBI’s most wanted, has been using his identity.

Narrated by Nick Offerman, David Sedaris, George Saunders, Carrie Brownstein, Miranda July, Lena Dunham, and a full cast. Listen-Alikes: Crusty Vietnam veteran David Granger recounts his life story, a testimony of a sometimes violent and maverick past. Narrated by Stephen King, Dylan Baker, Brooke Bloom, Hope Davis, Kathleen Chalfant, Santino Fontana, Peter Friedman, Cotter Smith, Will Patton, Edward Herrmann, Frederick Weller, Mare Winningham, Craig Wasson, Thomas Sadoski, Tim Sample. Through a sophisticated British accent and subtle changes in tone, the storyteller’s distinctly-voiced performance impeccably conveys the exasperation and romantic tension that draws listeners into the budding love story, building to a sensual, satisfying culmination. Listen-Alikes: Langton’s unhurried delivery charms in this heartwarming, yet often bizarre, adventure of adorable octogenarian Arthur Pepper as he bumbles his way through a scavenger hunt of his late wife’s undisclosed past. Listen-Alikes: Listeners will experience a shift in their world view as this significant work of ethnography reveals the impact of eviction on poverty in America’s society and culture. Listen-Alikes: Stevenson demonstrates her unequaled mastery of narrative art, transforming Fellowes’s richly-detailed historical melodrama of 1840s London into enthralling audio theater. Listen-Alikes: Rowley explores the deep attachment of man and dog in a tale that combines pathos and humor, eloquently portrayed by a reading that echoes those shifting moods.

Bray embodies this in-your-face character’s charged language and attitude via gravelly tone and staccato inflection with a hidden compassion that reveals Granger’s humanity. From high-pitched middle-class Bernadette to her mumbling teenaged son, listeners forge an emotional connection courtesy of adroit expressions of character development. Graham’s sobering, empathetic narrative captures the personalities of eight struggling families and two landlords while conveying author Desmond’s painstaking data collection and intimate reportage. A panoply of British class and regional accents, combined with period pacing & precise depiction of age and gender, illuminate personalities within a family saga of social rivalries. Urie crawls inside owner Ted’s head, voicing a sympathetic connection with human despair, while also depicting dachshund Lily’s engaging doggy dialogue, in a cathartic performance that reveals a roller-coaster of emotions as a tumor devours a life. Listen-Alikes: This lyrical Western tale of a developing friendship between an aging soldier and an orphaned young girl is colorfully expressed through Gardner’s steady pacing, gravelly twang, and folksy tone. Listen-Alikes: With endless energy, unfailingly deadpan delivery, and spot-on comedic timing, Rubinstein skillfully distinguishes a large cast of characters as they ricochet through interweaving story arcs. Listen-Alikes: The discovery of a giant metallic hand prompts a team of scientists, government agents, and researchers to scour the planet for clues.

Sieh energetically creates a host of characters from fast-talking April’s point-of-view, while Green himself narrates the conclusion of this debut novel with the deftness of an experienced vlogger. In this stunning new recording of Phillips’ unsparing novel, Turpin embodies resilient 13-year-old Tangy Mae Quinn, a smart, resourceful girl who lives in abject poverty, at the mercy of her terrifyingly abusive mother. With openness and informed approachability, award-winning journalist Vargas recounts his complex life as an undocumented Filipino-American. In this intense, unforgettable survivor’s story, Westover relates how she defied her isolationist Mormon family, overcame tremendous educational odds and entered the larger world to eventually become a well-respected scholar. Huber’s steady pacing and subtle narration balance how enraged listeners will feel learning about the many ways these women were wronged. Andrews’ measured narration handily captures this quirky cast of feather zealots in a stranger-than-fiction heist. With a knowing smile in his voice and a leisurely, welcoming cadence, author-narrator Urrea skillfully delivers a celebration that is a riot of laughter, sorrow, and redemption. Delivered by narrator Donovan with empathetic humility, this episodic memoir devotes each chapter to a potentially fatal event in O’Farrell’s life.

The nuanced portrayal of Tangy Mae, capturing both her sorrow and generous spirit, provides a glimpse of hope amidst the nearly crushing violence. Peppered with native Tagalog, this audio draws listeners into Vargas’ personal immigrant experience while he relates anecdotes to the broader national context, resulting in a listen that is brief but impactful, trenchant yet inviting. Whelan’s unembellished narration deftly communicates this intriguing, horrifying, and inspiring tale. Listeners will find themselves meditating on the author’s fierce determination not only to survive, but to embrace her own vulnerability. With indomitable spirit, Haddish shares her life story from illiterate foster kid to comedian to break-out movie star.While many Americans look upon being active as something to admire, to engage in, and to excel at, listening is often understood as a “passive” activity.More recently, Listen: Four Ways to Make Yourself Heard.” This title leads us to expect a list of ways to leave the listening to others and insist that they do so, but the article contains a surprise ending.She reads movingly with authentic real-time reactions and her tenacious attitude makes this a sincere, unblushing memoir. Eggers blends high adventure with high culture in this true tale of the specialty coffee trade.With his rich, espressolike voice, narrator Graham channels Yemeni-American entrepreneur Alkhanshani’s youthful enthusiasm across the whole of his incredible quest to brew the perfect cup.In this chapter, we will examine listening versus hearing, listening styles, listening difficulties, listening stages, and listening critically.Hearing is an accidental and automatic brain response to sound that requires no effort. For example, we are accustomed to the sounds of airplanes, lawn mowers, furnace blowers, the rattling of pots and pans, and so on.Lamia captures Willow’s naivete and determination to protect her mother, who is as salty, tart and sweet as her favorite margarita. His astonishing command of dialects entertains and inspires in a memoir which combines recent history and a personal cultural perspective. An ensemble cast evokes every class and rank of Chilbury’s residents, who through courage and hymns, unite to defend the homefront.Narrated by Gabrielle Glaister, Laura Kirman, Imogen Wilde, Adjoa Andoh, Tom Clegg, Mike Grady. Listen-Alikes: Listeners hear a socially awkward woman’s transformation from brusque and friendless to someone able to confront her traumatic childhood.The Council announces the winning titles at the CODES Book and Media Awards Reception, held the Sunday of each ALA Midwitner Meeting.All selected titles are published on the RUSA Web site following the event.


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