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Synopsis: IDS Group, a provider of supply chain solutions, developed a supply chain concept called “Value Chain Logistics”.Value Chain Logistics took a holistic view of the entire value chain by positioning logistics as the fundamental enabler to drive maximum efficiency and responsiveness in all the steps: from manufacturing to distribution to the final consumers.In one part of the research, MIT Sloan conducted in-depth analyses at three large organizations (one in health care, one in telecommunications, and one in retail), and conducted interviews with the executives in charge of the internal crowdsourcing.

At the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)’s centenary celebration, Dr.

Victor Fung gave a speech that urges world leaders to embark on a new century of sustainable, inclusive trade, riding on the many global shifts transforming our world and the potential economic consequences of the current trade tensions. Fung strongly believes the ICC must speak up louder on the pressing need to reform and renew the multilateral system with a revitalized WTO at its core.

Li & Fung’s digital transformation and vision of creating the supply chain of the future is featured.

Synopsis: This case study is based on a four-year, multi-method research project with companies engaged in internal crowdsourcing.

Synopsis: In the “flat world,” everything changes so what does it take to run a winning company?

Success is less about what the company can do itself and more about what it can connect to.

They must set an agenda for peace and prosperity for the next 100 years that integrates the realities of our new age of shifts in geopolitics and the global economy, the emergence of a digitalized world, environmental concerns and action with the need for new institutions adapted to these new realities.

China’s department store sector has gone through some ups and downs in the last decade.

Synopsis: Having been able to follow its own “three-year plan” on course constantly, Li & Fung Limited fell short of meeting its stretch earnings target for the first time in almost two decades, leading to a double-digit drop in stock price overnight.

Questions were raised on the company’s strategies pursued to meet such targets, and on the validity of its Three-Year Planning process.


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