Lethal Injection Essays

Inside the death chamber that morning, prison officials spent more than an hour searching Mr.Campbell’s arms and legs for a vein into which they could inject the lethal drug cocktail.

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After about 80 minutes, they gave up and returned Mr.

Last summer, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggested that the death penalty would eventually end with a whimper.

“The incidence of capital punishment has gone down, down, down so that now, I think, there are only three states that actually administer the death penalty,” Justice Ginsburg said at a law school event.

In 2017 the total number of people sitting on death rows across America fell for the 17th straight year.

In Harris County, Tex., the nation’s undisputed leader in state-sanctioned killing, the year passed without a single execution or death sentence — the first time that’s happened in more than 40 years.


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