Lego Batman 2 Arkham Assignment

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Most of the collectibles in story missions cannot be unlocked outside of Free Play.

We will play through the story first on this playthrough, getting as much as we can out of each level.

Use the Free Play walkthrough for the list of all collectibles, including which characters you need to obtain them.

When you're ready, select New Game, and get ready for talking lego characters!

Hit The Joker three times (I used Batarangs) and he will move to the central area. Gold Brick (Level Complete)Gold Brick (Citizen in Peril)Gold Brick (Super Hero) When you Continue, you will notice that you are in the city of Gotham.

Whilst doing this, look out for two (3) at the right side of the room for Minikit #10. There is a very large map here, which is mostly free-roam.Third one is on behind two walls on the left, fourth one on the left fringe wall and the last one in the bottom part of the labyrinth.#05 - In the vertical bottom corridor of the labyrinth.You next mission is marked by a batsign on the south-west (Arkham) of your position.As stated before, this game requires a minimum of two playthroughs.Use the X-Ray Vision and press X on each of the switches. Press Y to use it, activating the start of level 2.Now build the Robin Suit Signal and change to the Acrobat Suit. There are a few things we can do in this start area.After that move under the grating and walk to the end of it. Destroy gold flowers with laser and swim under plants using Killer Croc.After that use laser to destroy gold statues near walls, create two buttons and standing on them until little ball gets out of small labyrinth in the circle.#09 - In the left part of the labyrinth is corridor with grid on the floor.Hang on two levers on the left side and use magnesium to transport blue brick lying under the grid to the end of the grid.


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