King'S College London Essay Cover Sheet Nursing And Midwifery

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Work submitted up to 24 hours after the deadline will be marked but the grade awarded will be capped at the pass mark (40% for UG and 50% for PGT).Students will be informed what mark would have been awarded had the cap not been applied and will receive feedback on the work.Deadlines for the submission of your coursework are set by the Assessment Sub Board.

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MA module formative assessment is by either one or two essays: please refer to the relevant online module description.

For those modules with one formative essay (and for the second of two formative essays), the deadlines are: In modules with two formative essays, the module tutor will inform you of the deadline for submitting your first essay.

Hence, it is important that you adhere to these deadlines.

If you need an extension for your formative work, you should email the module tutor in advance.

The deadline for the 2018/9 academic year is as follows: For details of what is included in the word count, and penalties incurred by exceeding the word count limit, please consult the Faculty Policy on Word Count in the Faculty handbook.

The word limit for coursework in each module can be found on the relevant module webpage.Your deadlines for formative assessment will remain unchanged from those listed in the section above.You will find specific instructions for submission on the relevant KEATS page of the module for which you are submitting work.Note that it would be sensible to aim to get your work in a day or two earlier than the deadline: there's no predicting when things like illness, computer malfunction or transport disruption might throw a spanner in the works.All 2018/19 submission deadlines Deadlines for the submission of your coursework are set by the Assessment Sub Board.Work submitted during the late window will be marked and returned to the student for feedback, but the mark the student is credited with for that assignment will be capped at the pass mark (40).After 24 hours, the College rules dictate that you will automatically receive a mark of zero for that assignment.In the case of modules assessed by examination in May/June, you will need alternative assessment arrangements to compensate for the fact that you will likely be unable to attend the examination in London during that time.Alternative assessment typically takes the form of summative essays in place of examination, as follows: If you are taking either 5AANA014 Intermediate Logic or 6AANA030 Set Theory (where essays in place of examinations are impracticable), we will contact you individually to determine the most suitable alternative assessment arrangement for you.For the majority of modules formative assessment is by one essay, due in the middle of the relevant semester.Formative work will be submitted via email to your seminar leader.


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