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The use of Me SH terms ensures that a “common vocabulary” is applied to index biomedical content, facilitating literature searches.In other cases, a journal may specify particular keywords that should not be used, such as words already included in your manuscript’s title.Unlike a regular bibliography, which merely provides a list of citations, an annotated bibliography describes how each source in the bibliography pertains to the subject being researched.

The use of Me SH terms ensures that a “common vocabulary” is applied to index biomedical content, facilitating literature searches.

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By reading the abstract, you can decide whether your research will be furthered with a particular title.

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY: a list of sources on a topic that is accompanied by a brief description of each entry.

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As the volume of research output and the number of journals expand, identifying relevant studies in the literature is becoming increasingly challenging.

To maximize your manuscript’s chances of a well-matched review and readership, here are three considerations when choosing key terms: Guidelines for the number and type of keywords may vary between journals.

In certain cases, the editors will even provide a list of preferred terms, and clinical publications will often specifically request keywords drawn from the U. National Library of Medicine’s collection of Medical Subject Headings (Me SH).

When you search a database, your results will include citations, and they will often also provide an abstract.

By reading through the abstract, you can decide whether the information in the article is relevant to your research or if it takes an approach that might be related to your topic but does not help to develop your thesis.


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