Internet Service Provider Business Plan

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While AT&T has received strong customer satisfaction scores for an internet provider, our experiences were a little mixed.

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We’re glad AT&T’s customer service is friendly and responsive, but we don’t love the fact that we were given misinformation, even if in earnest.

AT&T’s Service Level Agreements guarantee that in the event of downtime, service will be restored within 24 hours, and that customers are entitled to one day’s credit on their next bill if uptime isn’t restored within 24 hours.

The company clearly lays out its fees for equipment, installation, and service, which is rare in an industry known for hedgey language and hidden fees.

And while we literally spent hours looking for other providers’ SLAs, we came across AT&T’s in just a few minutes.

Companies can lose potential revenue during internet outages, which makes prompt and helpful customer service all the more important.

We looked at third-party customer service ratings from J. Power and the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), who score internet providers for customer satisfaction.Unless your business is in the Northeast, you’ll likely be limited to copper.Copper internet installation may take longer and be more expensive than other types of internet, though it’s a more widely available way to get fiber-level speeds.We’ve outlined these respective scores in the discussion of our top picks below.Higher scores won’t guarantee a perfect experience from your provider, but they should correlate to better service over the long-term.AT&T came in right behind Verizon for highest customer satisfaction ratings.While the seven providers altogether averaged 3.2/5 with JD Power and 62.4/100 with the ACSI, AT&T was comfortably above average with both.And though these scores do vary by region, AT&T stood out as one of the only providers to receive a perfect score from JD Power in any region, receiving solid 5/5s in the Midwest.AT&T outshines its competition when it comes to price and plan transparency.With Fios, Business, and High Speed Internet, Verizon offers a trifecta of impressively inclusive services (though we’ll admit that the the plans’ initial names are rather misleading).Verizon Fios (Fiber) is available in 10 Northeastern states, Verizon Business (Copper) in 47, and Verizon High Speed Internet (DSL) in 11 states on the East Coast.


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