Intelligence Nature Or Nurture Essay

The effect and influence of genes on human behavior correspond to one side of nature/nurture debate.

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The pattern of reductionism has lengthily pulled the understanding of genetic influences on behavior and their implications to extremes, which should not be the case.

He points out “that research into the genetics of behavior could actually help make our accounts of different ways of being in the world more complex” (Parens, 14).

The tension will continue to exist because as Pinker points out, there are activities of man that will not be hurriedly explained by either of the last two approaches (reductionism or interactionism).

With my belief that there is no more argument between nature’s primary influences on behavior or that or nurture’s dominance, I admit that my capacity to understand or grasp the implications will remain to be limited.This and other illustrations, like what he termed as “the Westermarck effect,” which is the “association in the first years of life appeared to compromise adult marital compatibility” (5) explains the nature side of the controversy convincingly.Equally, Parens pointed out abuses on the use of knowledge of genetics to advance any human political or ideological agenda.De Waal compellingly points out a wide-ranging scenario about his position including the not oversimplification of either of nature or nurture argument which was the common incidence in the past.The complexities that define humans help make us see that there is no shortcut so as to fully understand why we behave: this, De Waal elaborated in his comparative description on the sexual behavior of primates like the bonobos and the chimpanzees (6).As such, it must be reiterated that the study of human behavior remains to be complex and shall be treated as such, even in years to come.Conclusion In general, it can be argued that all behavior reflects the influence of both nature and nurture.All organisms inherit a range of structures that set the stage for certain behaviors.Yet environmental influence such as nutrition and learning also help decide whether or not genetically possible behaviors will be displayed.only have shown that the innate organization of the brain cannot be ignored, but have also helped to reframe our very conception of nature and nurture (Pinker, 14)”.However, he effectively delineates the complications that “holistic interactionism” that pervades in order to avoid being too reductionist as harmful as well.


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