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Learners’ prior knowledge and experience matter, and every student’s prior knowledge and experience is unique.

The authors also note that students do indeed have preferences for how they learn.

It’s a personality inventory that is geared more towards interpersonal dynamics and career choice.) Is there a learning style model with reasonable predictive validity? The Felder-Silverman model has “good construct and predictive validity” within the context of teaching engineering students. Does this provide evidence in favor of the matching hypothesis?

The Felder-Silverman model isn’t as well known as the other models listed here, but given its greater validity, it’s worth being familiar with. Linda didn’t talk explicitly about the matching hypothesis, but I gathered that the predictive validity of this model isn’t so strong as to “prove” the matching hypothesis.

Actually visiting the locations described in the textbook and dramatized in the movie made the stories and information more concrete for me, and hearing from various Irish experts while we were there helped me connect the history we had studied to the current political state of the country.

Any one of these modalities would have been insufficient for me to get a handle on the 20th century history of Ireland (particularly that textbook!

Here’s the third in a series of posts about the conference.

This post is longer than the earlier posts in the series, but the topic warrants the extra length.

Back in November I attended the 30th annual Lilly Conference on College Teaching at Miami University in Ohio.

I thought I’d share some session highlights with my Vanderbilt colleagues.


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