Importance Of Unity In Muslim World Essay

Importance Of Unity In Muslim World Essay-7
Regarding the Holy Prophet's appointment to his divine mission, reason and wisdom are the primary issues that have been raised.

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The Zionist army was forced to retreat empty-handed. What will remain of the Muslim Ummah if such a thing happens?

In addition, the Zionist regime and its supporters, especially the US, were disgraced in the world. Is it not a disaster for the Muslim Ummah and its collective capabilities?

Muslims have to stay together and preserve their unity even when they are supposed to adhere to the divine covenant. 2 Human minds and tongues have expressed numerous things about Be’that which is in fact a vast area, and it will not be possible in the foreseeable future to delineate the aspects of this great event.

As time passes and as man goes through numerous experiences and gains a better understanding of the problems and flaws that plague his life, the different aspects of the Holy Prophet's (S) appointment to the divine mission reveal themselves more and more clearly.

This Be’that was in fact a call that invited people to the arena of moral, intellectual, and legal education.

These are the things that are needed for a peaceful and developing life. Intellectual education - that is, extracting man's reason and making it dominant over his thoughts and actions, or giving man the beacon of wisdom and enabling him to find his way by its light - is of primary importance.We will not make mistakes in detecting the major causes of discord.The politicians of the world of Islam may shout the slogans of the arrogant powers. The most important duty lies on the shoulders of politicians and government officials of Muslim countries as well as Muslim intellectuals and those who can influence the hearts and minds of the people - namely, religious scholars, intellectuals, writers, journalists, poets, men of letters, and the scholars of the Muslim world.They found that situation unpleasant and, therefore, they thought up a source of discord to separate Muslims from one another. Government officials and heads of Islamic countries must be vigilant.Some of the politicians of the world of Islam may act as the mouthpiece of the enemies, but we must not make a mistake in this regard.One external obstacle to unity is the efforts on the part of the enemies of Islam to foment discord. But these goals are being currently pursued more vigorously than ever before. What happened in Lebanon and Palestine can teach us many lessons.The modern means of communication have helped further their goals. Two years ago when the Lebanese resistance forces and the youth of Hezbollah inflicted a humiliating defeat on the Zionist regime, which was considered a victory for the world of Islam, the enemies immediately brought up the issue of Shia and Sunni and started to strengthen religious bias in Lebanon, in the Middle East, and in the entire world of Islam. That was because the Muslim Ummah had almost achieved unity thanks to that great victory.Ulama and government officials must keep this under control.That is a duty that lies on the shoulders of all groups of Muslims, both Shia and Sunni. This ideological bias is an internal obstacle to unity. They came into being the day the dominant political powers in the world realized that they could influence other nations. Unfortunately, some people in Muslim countries act as a tool in the hands of the spiteful enemies who seek to harm us.Unity, which is among the greatest and the most important duties of all Muslims, is one of the issues that I will stress today.The week leading to Rabi al-Awwal 12 was named as Unity Week at the beginning of the Revolution.


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