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However, according to some, censoring the freedom of artists could lead to suppression of basic human rights.

Hopefully, in future, artists can be trusted to express their opinions without causing offence to the majority of the society to which they belong.

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If an artist’s work creates frictions among people, government should use its authority to discipline the society rather than placing the blame on artists.

Moreover, corrupt and despotic rulers could use censorship to silence their critics.

They also believe that many of the accepted moral and ethical standards are not conclusive and should be evolved.

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Creative artists are instruments of such changes by exposing the society to various ideas.

In conclusion, restricting artistic liberties is a very complex issue which should be handled from a practical point of view.

In principle, freedom of artists should be respected, but if it leads to negative impacts in the society government should restrict artists.

The censorship authority in India has been able to edit the contents of such movies to avoid social frictions.

This would certainly mean that censorship is very essential in guiding creative artists to be socially responsible, while expressing their ideas.


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