How To State A Hypothesis In A Research Paper

How To State A Hypothesis In A Research Paper-53
During these sessions, students can get answers to introduction to the problem, background of study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, and theoretical framework.

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Let's say you decide to eat greasy food every day for a week and record the effect on your face. So, if you eat fatty food every day for a week and suffer breakouts and then don't breakout the week that you avoid greasy food, you can be pretty sure something is up. Probably not, since it is so hard to assign cause and effect.

Then, as a control, for the next week, you'll avoid greasy food and see what happens. However, you can make a strong case that there is some relationship between diet and acne.

Average recovery times for knee surgery patients is 8.2 weeks. The hypothesis is usually hidden in a word problem, and is sometimes a statement of what you expect to happen in the experiment.

The hypothesis in the above question is “I expect the average recovery period to be greater than 8.2 weeks.” (The null hypothesis): μ (the average) ≤ (is less than or equal to) 8.2 Sample Problem: A researcher is studying the effects of radical exercise program on knee surgery patients.

You may wonder if there is a correlation between eating greasy food and getting pimples.

You propose a hypothesis: Next, you need to design an experiment to test this hypothesis.

The word “null” in this context means that it’s a commonly accepted fact that researchers work to ; It’s part of the scientific process.

Science uses a battery of processes to prove or disprove theories, making sure than any new hypothesis has no flaws.

Breaking your problem into a few small steps makes these problems much easier to handle.

Example Problem: A researcher thinks that if knee surgery patients go to physical therapy twice a week (instead of 3 times), their recovery period will be longer.


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