How To Solve A Relationship Problem

How To Solve A Relationship Problem-12
Could we sit down on Saturday morning before the kids get up and talk about this?This gives your partner a heads-up about your concerns and schedules a time that will work for both of you. Start by talking about your view of the problem, your worry, your solution - Tom, I know I seemed upset but the new fishing equipment but I realized that what was bothering me about it was...; Matt, I'm worried about the kids and think it's important that we both be on the same page. Use "I" statements - I feel like I'm always walking on eggshells when I'm around you, I think that it would be wonderful if you could do more together - rather than "you" statements - you never say anything positive, you always seem angry.

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Sara might say that she is afraid that the kids seem confused about what is expected of them, and would like Matt to map out with her a chore list for the kids that they can both agree upon.

Step 2: Okay, you've done your prep and are clear the problem and your solution.

If Kate sees that Tom is getting upset she can stop and check it out - Tom, you're looking upset. - rather than ignoring his reactions, plowing ahead, and leading them both into an emotional ditch. Strong emotions stir defensiveness in the other, and undermine the problem-solving process.

If your partner does start to get angry or defensive - What about you.. While you're probably tempted to defend yourself, doing so at this point is like throwing gasoline on fire.

Kate was annoyed at the amount of money Tom spent on new fishing equipment.

She offhandedly mentioned it to him once, decided to drop it, but then spent the weekend snapping at him about all sorts of little things.Instead they silently agree to avoid confrontation and push their problems underground, creating anxiety and stifling intimacy.Unsettled problems are a major source of stress, stress that can not only undermine your relationship, but your diabetes management as well.Problems are bound to arise in any relationship, and each couple finds its own way of handling them.Kate, for example, gets upset about what Tom is doing, but has trouble being direct and clear about what is bothering her.Talking about yourself helps keep your partner from feeling attacked or blamed, and getting defensive and angry in return.Managing a conversation is a bit like driving a car.Unfortunately, their children are ultimately the losers in their struggle.Other couples are even less open and say they never argue.Sara realizes that she is upset with Matt always undermining her, but is more worried about the fact that the kids are confused and playing them against each other.Take time to clearly define what bothers you the most. Anger is a common reaction, but try and go one further step and ask yourself what is it that worries you or hurts your feelings.


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