Honors Program Application Essay

The Honors College at the University of Utah offers the nation’s only Praxis Labs.Please include your university ID number (u NID), full name, and expected graduation date.*Current students will receive notification of admission status before classes begin for the following semester (Fall applicants notified before Spring, Spring applicants notified before Fall).You can visit our Praxis Lab webpage to take a look at previous ideas.Tell us what community or social problem you would focus on, why this problem is critical to address, and what role collaboration must play in development of a concrete solution.Those applying to the U can track their application online to see if all the portions have been received. First-time Freshman applicants who apply by the November 1, 2019 priority date for Summer or Fall 2020 will be mailed a University of Utah general admissions decision in mid-January .Accepted, wait-listed and not-accepted students who meet this priority date will find an Honors acceptance emailed mid-January in coordination with the general admissions decisions.The University Honors Program (UHP) is a community of scholars who are intellectually engaged with each other and faculty members.Honors students complete seminar sequences and interdisciplinary courses throughout their academic careers.Only students in the Honors College have the opportunity to earn an Honors Bachelor degree from the U of U, the highest degree conferred on an undergraduate.Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Honors College: Rooted in an interdisciplinary approach to the Humanities, Natural and Social Sciences, and Mathematics, an Honors education aims to contribute to the development of the individual rather than the focus of a specific profession.


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