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Some parents saw that as punishment for the students who didn’t understand the topic.Some saw it as allowing their child, who made enough progress to warrant no homework, to get by without doing extra work.For all of the positive possibilities, homework has just as many potential drawbacks.

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Facts that may have been harder to understand in class may become more digestible in a quiet, comfortable home atmosphere.

Furthermore, homework develops routines in children that can promote positive behaviors in other aspects of their life — like better time management and improved focus on specific tasks.

The basic question that is being asked is this: Do we really need homework?

Numerous studies have shown that homework that is assigned, marked, and handed back (such as a worksheet on long division) is effective in increasing knowledge of a subject matter. Funnily enough, different studies have shown that homework does not necessarily increase a student's knowledge base, and is not an effective learning and teaching tool. As you can see, there are a lot of varying views on the necessity and even helpfulness of homework, especially for children, pre-teens, and early adolescents.

That doesn’t mean that school should change their curriculum to be more entertaining, but it does mean that students are expending tremendous amounts of mental energy taking these lessons in.

When they get home, piling on an extra one or two hours of added work often leads to mental fatigue that makes learning new material much harder.I stuck to my stance, though, and never once did a student struggle or fall behind because of a lack of, or too much, homework.I taught many students in my gifted education classroom who could easily be described as brilliant.What you should take away from the information above is that not all homework is created equal; ideally, every learning experience you engage in should be meaningful and include components that cater to various learning styles. Let me tell you a little secret that most teachers don’t want you to know.Homework is something that occupies students all around the globe, but it is also the source of an ongoing controversy between parents, teachers, and educational higher ups.Most people agree that homework is useful for teenagers over about the age of 15, but what about for everyone else?They understood virtually every topic we discussed in a short amount of time and had no problem completing tasks that I assigned to them during class. During my first year of teaching, I decided to go all-in on homework, since that’s what most parents seemed to want.Then came the first report card, when many of these second-grade students who learned topics with ease earned a grade of C or worse.Homework has its benefits — if the student needs the extra practice.But giving homework simply for the sake of giving homework only leads to a waste of time that would be better spent with family and friends or developing the social and personal skills that will be needed to lead a happy, successful life.


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