Hms Thetis Disaster

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Thetis could have been rescued, but for, and if had, or due to.....small errors which on their own would be a hindrance, came together in a fatal cocktail. Salvage operations on Thetis aimed at raising her, which is what eventually did happen, resulted in the death of one of the divers involved in this dangerous and cold work. 1939, Diver Petty Officer Henry Otho Perdue died of a severe "bend."Sunday 3rd. Carlow Ireland the oldest of eleven children, nine boys and two girls.September saw Thetis intentionally grounded ashore at Moelfre Bay, Anglesley. Human remains that had not already been removed by the salvage team were now brought out to a decent Christian Naval Funeral, with full in Plymouth ~ a "lost" living Thetis widow - Vera Feeney (now long happily remarried as Vera Warner, but sadly widowed once again) ~ loving widow of Leading Stoker Jimmy Feeney, CLICK HERE for her story Uncle Tom Bambrick (Stoker) died on the Thetis . He went to England to work and joined the British Navy. When he was returned for burial his casket had to be carried on a horse drawn carriage because it would not fit in a hearse as it was lead lined and indeed it was the last funeral of its kind in Paulstown..

Even in this deadly situation Thetis could have survived, but for, and due to this and that...did not. Some waited when they should have tried to escape earlier.She was the first submarine built on Merseyside by Cammell Laird.She was the pride of the navy, of the men who built her and the men who sailed in her.She returned to Castlecomer, Kilkenny shortly after his death. On Thursday evening June 1 Dad telegrammed that the wedding must go ahead and that he was now at Cammell Laird shipyard with other relatives waiting for news.Joyce could not understand why suddenly everything had changed from joy to sadness and anxiety and wondered why her dad and brother John were not at the wedding. The little girl seated in the wedding photo is me Joyce Bentley.The 7th June was the occasion of the Memorial service at Sea.The cortge was led from the Mersey, over the 38 miles that Thetis had covered on her last voyage, by the minesweeper HMS Hebe.After the ceremony it was known that all hope had been abandoned and that the 99 men on board Thetis were dead. Joyce Turner, little sister (now Joyce Bentley, who wrote this) sitting down.Our father was at Cammell Laird shipyard waiting for news of John on Thetis. He married the mayor of Wishaws daughter, Jenny who bore their only child my mother Euphemia, always called Bunts.To so very many, ninety nine of them , she was soon to become their tomb.On her very first dive, her very first venture into the element for which she had been designed and built, she died. So close to safety, with the stern above water, the steel hull that should have protected them from the dangers of the deep, became their coffin wall. Bad luck, a series of bad luck, a series of mishaps which on their own would not have been fatal, came together to make a lethal combination for all involved.


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