Happiness Definition And Factors Influence Essay

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With the emphasis on the quality of life, the majority of people are always aspiring to live happily, so people are doing their best to achieve happiness.

However, happiness is defined variously by each person.

Therefore, we can say that happiness is a by-product of satisfaction.

Since people perceive happiness differently; they find it difficult to quantify happiness.

Individuals try to find happiness, but like water or air, it is hard to clench in your hands.

As defined in Merriam-Webster (2014), happiness is a state of well-being and contentment.Similarly, there are various determiners of happiness. A person who has a feeling of a positive sense of discontent always remains happy.In other words, such a person is happy with his work and life but still aspires for more and more to learn and to achieve.Once the needs of a specific level are satisfied, an individual starts aspiring to move on to the next level needs.Fulfilment of needs leads to satisfaction which further provides happiness to a person.Moreover, happiness is nothing but a state of mind.For example, a highly affluent person may not be contented with what he has; on the contrary, a poor person can be happy while struggling for a day’s meal.However, happiness is hard to achieve, but it can be as simple as being contented, doing what you love, and living who you really are.Furthermore, everyone asks how one would know that they have it already. Some people follow several steps in order to get what they want. However, not all the things they want can give them happiness.In this competitive world, the state of true happiness has become really difficult to achieve.Happiness has a different meaning for different people.


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