Good Hook For A Tragic Hero Essay

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Creon of the myth Antigone is a traditional Greek tragic hero. The Sophoclean tragic hero is a character whose "rigid" and courageous adherence to a set of principles invites their disastrous fate. Antigone is a Sophoclean tragic hero in the self-entitled myth.

She would not leave a family member unburied, which in turn breaks her fathers law and proves to bring her doom.

Remember that your thesis statement needs to conclude this paragraph: Conflicting emotions, suspicious natures and feelings of betrayal lead to the ultimate - revenge.

The tragic hero, full of promise, certainly falls victim to his own failings and uncertainties in his inevitable destruction.

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Basically, there are several important aspects that should be taken into consideration, and they include a fresh topic, your thesis statement, a few subtopics, quotes, and brief explanations of how proofs support your argument.In Greek drama, Sophocles’ Antigone and Euripides’ Medea both contain several possible tragic heroes including Medea, Jason, and Creon.More specifically, in Antigone Creon exemplifies the qualities of a tragic hero best due to his prominent power as king of Thebes, the way he holds strong to his With Creon’s strength in reigning over Thebes, he develops a tragic flaw of stubborn pride; Medea and Jason’s tragic flaws fall short to the prominent flaw of Creon. In Medea, Jason and Medea share a common tragic flaw—selfishness. Service is excellent and forms various forms of communication all help with customer service. This writer provides the highest quality of work possible.You should pay attention to literary words, such as dramas and tragedies, where the main characters are brought to ruin and suffer.If you don’t like this type of assignment for different reasons, such as feeling annoyed or bored, you can always count on our professional essay writing help because our team of experienced authors will help you at any stage of your courseworks.Over time, history has given society many to whom we call true heroes.There are many reasons these heroes have been looked up to such as: bravery, dedication, confidence, and inspiration.Othello is no exception to this and we are introduced to a genuine character who is determined to prove his worth as a husband and noble soldier by speaking of his exploits. Unfortunately, his position is tenuous as he is easily misled when circumstance convinces him.He is so affected by honor and reputation that Iago's 'seed of doubt' - Desdemona did indeed 'betray' her father by marrying Othello- is enough to set the plot and begin Othello's dark descent.


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