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There is also a lack of consensus as to whether or not globalization is a useful concept to portray current events.[2] While most conceptions focus on different aspects of growing interdependence be it economic, cultural, technological, and the like, at a basic level globalization refers to growing interconnectedness.Some certainly do reject the notion that we have entered a fundamentally new era.[3] There are many, however, who see globalization as a genuine restructuring of social organization.

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Reformers seek a more equitable distribution of wealth, attention to the plight to women, and addressing the global environmental crisis.[25] More radical solutions would severely curtail market forces to prevent the unwanted effects of the global free market.

However, the free-marketers, who see the benefits of greater interconnectedness, particularly economic openness, say anti-globalization protestors have misplaced their anger.[26] Acording to globalization advocates, the problems identified by the anti-globalization movement arise from relying too little on markets and individualism, not too much.

At the same time, many critics argue engagement in the global economy is exploitation in itself.

For those who believe the nation-state is in retreat, the growing power of unaccountable market forces and international organizations provokes calls for change.[24] Many NGOs (and global civil society more broadly) resist at least some aspects of globalization.

The discussion will focus on economics, political authority, cultural impacts, and discontentment.

These categorizations are clearly arbitrary, but given the interconnectedness central to globalization, fully disentangling different forces and processes is impossible.Recent popular titles on globalization, "Lexus and the Olive Tree" and "Jihad Vs.Mc World," attest to the seemingly contradictory unifying and divisive forces inherent in globalization.Studies have examined whether globalization processes have reduced or exacerbated wealth inequalities within developed countries and developing ones.[19] While markets will produce winners and losers, liberals argue that the openness accompanying globalization will benefit all.[20] Others see the potential to produce widening disparities.[21] The short answer is that the effect of globalization has been both positive and negative and is dependent on a range of domestic and international factors.Extensive evidence also exists to support the claim that economic interdependence is related to more peaceful relations.One important discussion surrounds whether the nation-state is obsolete as the best form of political organization. The Revenge of God : the Resurgence of Islam, Christianity and Judaism in the modern world. Economic and social processes increasingly cross borders making it increasingly difficult for states to control their territory, a central component of sovereignty. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press.; Naipaul, V. The developing world, too, have increasingly become a part of global trade and capital flows.[12] Contemporary patterns of economic globalization suggest the emergence of a new international division of labor.[13] In short, the world has reached a stage in which one can meaningfully refer to one global economy.[14] Others present a more limited view.Current trends suggest economic and financial integration has proceeded only in a limited manner.[15] Economic flows remain highly concentrated amongst the wealthiest countries.[16] Within North America, Europe, and East Asia, contrary to the thesis that unfettered global capital will induce homogenization in policy, important differences in the structuring of economic life persist.[17] Even multinational corporations, seen by many as the prime agents of globalization, remain tied in significant ways to their country of origin.[18] Debate has waged as to whether economic globalization will exacerbate economic inequalities and conflict or contribute to advancing the lot of the poorest relative to others.Most definitions incorporate a notion of a growing magnitude of global flows such that one can truly speak of global society.They find evidence that human activity has become interregional or intercontinental in scale.[4] Although the globalization process is a long, historically rooted one, it is not without fits and starts and is not teleological.[5] In short, globalization is a highly complex interaction of forces producing integration and disintegration, cooperation and conflict, order and disorder.[6] There is much debate and little consensus on whether globalization is a positive development.


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