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An able champion, he describes Formalism’s evolution, notes its major figures and works, clears away decayed axioms, and rescues literature from “primitive historicism” and other dangers.These essays set a course for literary studies that led to Prague structuralism, French semiotics, and postmodern poetics.

A section from Boris Tomashevsky’s “Thematics” (1925) inventories the elements of stories.

In “The Theory of the ‘Formal Method’” (1927), Boris Eichenbaum defends Russian Formalism against various attacks.

So, into the dripping corridors I plunged, holding this illuminating volume before me, shining brightly upon the once hidden mechanisms and tools of the mad writer, toiling behind the walls like some lonely Daedulus manically gluing and hammering on the wings in order to defy the truculent laws of physics.

And while my journey of reader and writer wound through all sorts of false passages, doors opening up to brick walls, startled by skeletons hanging by manacles and chains with obvious teeth marks on bones, and though many inerrant steps led me down to dead ends, this little volume of essays helped set me right and guided me to the many entertaining corridors, leading to gleaming chambers replete with gears and gizmos spinning wildly, sent whirring, throbbing, humming and, sometimes clanking(by lesser writers) by those daring souls who challenged their talents, sat down(had an ass for it) and wrote stories and novels.

Literary Criticism: An Introduction to Theory and Practice, 5/e presents the thirteen basic schools of twentieth-century literary theory and criticism in their historical and philosophical contexts.

Unlike other introductions to literary criticism, this book explores the philosophical assumptions of each school of criticism and provides a clear methodology for writing essays according to each school's beliefs and tenets.

Foreword 1 Defining Criticism, Theory, and Literature Listening to a Conversation Eavesdropping on a Literature Classroom Can a Text Have More Than One Interpretation?

How to Become a Literary Critic What is Literary Criticism? Making Meaning from Text The Reading Process and Literary Theory What is Literature?

The Russian formalists emerged from the Russian Revolution with ideas about the independence of literature.

They enjoyed that independence until Stalin shut them down.


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