First Impressions Essay

But I think it's also important that when you're making a first impression for it to be honest as possible (that is, if you're actually trying to make an impression).For example, if you come across as charitable then people in the future might attempt to take advantage of you, but then will be severely disappointed when they realise that you are not the charitable person that they thought you were!If one takes on a dangerous and menacing demeanor I will assume that in that person's heart they choose to be dangerous and menacing.

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If you had never seen or heard of Einstein, the first time you saw him your impression would most likely be negative.

Now his face is associated with genius, not madness because he is the person who has come to define what genius is.

The problem is that few of us are Einsteins and we often don’t get the chance to rectify a negative first impression.

If what others think of you matters, then pay attention to how others see you the first time you meet.

If you don't wish to be judged a hooligan then make the choice not to look like a hooligan.

Einstein's image is so iconic that it is hard to imagine why anyone might have a bad first impression.

Here is an example: you meet a friendly person at a party and later are asked to solicit sponsors for a worthy cause.

You contact that person because you think she will make a contribution.

Either way, this is people making a choice on what others will takeaway from their visual.

For this reason, I choose to enthusiastically to take whatever message is being sent my way to heart.


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