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Nevertheless, you should not approach the writing of your introduction and conclusion paragraphs casually.

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He himself drew extensive historical and art historical diagrams on display in Contemporary Man, the latter situating Fluxus in a long lineage of artistic movements and developments.

These diagrams not only distinguish between historical movements but isolate different categories such as common approaches to language and music that stretch across movements throughout time.

Exercise entails a repetition of something for the sake of learning from it, yet the ultimate goal of this repetition is usually to enable oneself to achieve something unique: being in the best shape for one’s own body, utilizing one’s skills to create something novel, using one’s sharpened intellect to think of thoughts yet unthought. By playing with preconceived epistemological categories and encouraging a DIY approach to understanding the world, Fluxus aims to condition us to develop our own theories of knowledge.

There is an aphoristic concision to most iconic Fluxus artworks.

An overaccumulation of adrenaline produces tension. The first of these benefits, the release of tension, is immediate .* Tension builds in the body because of an overaccumulation of adrenaline produced by stress, anxiety, or fear.

Exercise or active participation in sports releases tension. *By placing the thesis at the end of the introduction, the writer not only makes the main point clear and emphatic, but also makes sure that the essays main point is uppermost in the readers mind as the reader begins the body of the essay.Rather than rigidly periodizing Fluxus as an historical event, Exercise aims to look at what Fluxus achieves, in particular how it both embodies and encourages a novel way of thinking.Like Maciunas’s charts connect strains in historical movements rather then simply depicting history as a procession of events, Exercise takes an unconventional approach to understanding Fluxus, finding the forebears of Fluxus attitude not simply in Dada or other avant-garde movements, but in entities as seemingly remote as classical philosophy and medieval logic. *Notice how the introduction is a good place to present background, definitions and limitations that affect the thesis and topic generally. Regular exercise releases tension, improves appearance, and increases stamina .**The introduction begins with a broad view of physical fitness generally, but also engages the reader by connecting with general experience *Notice that the writer reaches past the general "anywhere one looks" to the more specific and concrete "newsstand, television or billboard." *Again notice the specificsnot just "to sell products" or "to sell stuff." The specifics make the idea more convincing, and create more associations for the reader.Yet rather than containing some perspicuous truth these works are often as elusive as zen riddles; they seem to cut to the very heart of the matter and to simultaneously raise questions about what that matter is.By confusing the categories we use to structure the sensory world, categories such as language, art, truth, and action, Fluxus can degrade the epistemological classifications enforced by a positivist primacy on logic and empiricism.That's why I thought that losing a little bit here and there wouldn't hurt.Exercise is a means of training oneself to achieve mastery: over the body, in a skill, or in an intellectual pursuit.They encourage us to use our bodies and our brains to formulate new organizing principles with which to create new knowledge.George Maciunas, founder of Fluxus, embodied this DIY approach to organizing information.


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