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David, his family, and friends were trying to slaughter a pig.

Chris picks on David saying ' Dave doesn't like to see anything get killed' ( Buckler, 183).

Many of the characters flirt with insanity, and Shakespeare provides subtle and intricate commentary on what it means to be mad or to lose connection with reality.

Addressed both explicitly and obliquely, madness plays an important role in the tragedy of King Lear.

Seconds later David falls and seriously injuries himself.

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Chris carries the unconscious David to the house and later tells David he did not mean what he said.David is a deeply intellectual character and like Hamlet has a conflicted dichotomous nature.One of his difficulties arise from the death of his girlfriend Effie. Also, when his friend Toby comes to the valley for the first time, David is torn between making Toby feel comfortable, while at the same time trying to avoid hurting his family's feelings.David insults his fathers intelligence and Joseph strikes David on the face.David decides not to strike back and tells his father that he would like to leave this 'goddamn hole' and he decides to run away.Hamlet does not take the opportunity to slay Claudius as he prays because he believes it will save his soul.His contemplative nature takes over regarding the ghost's revelation and he decides to devise a play to pique Claudius' conscience and make sure he is really guilty.David is enraged by this comment because it was said in derision and he later tries to prove himself by climbing across the beams of the balcony against the warnings of his father.As David turns around and looks at the scaffolding he gazes down and sees Chris staring up at him.This lesson provides essay topics that will help your students make sense of madness in this play.If you have just finished reading King Lear, by William Shakespeare, with your students, chances are they have already noticed the salience of madness as a theme in this play.


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