Essays On Ballroom Dancing

However, as opposed to other music and dance genre, Salsa has become a favourite site for serious social and political discussions.

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At a basic level, salsa dancers from different origin can actually dance together.

"British salsa is primarily anchored around the back basic; turns are executed on the second beat (“Salsa as a Dance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words”, n.d.) Salsa as a Dance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words.

With room for both partners to strut their stuff, this method of dance is becoming increasingly popular throughout dance institutions and afternoon school programs not only across the United States but also the most of the other parts of the globe like India etc.

Salsa dancing works with a kind of music which is basically designed with two bars consisting of four steps.

A competition was held in Las Vegas, Nevada and our team won the first place in the National Dance Competition. The roots of Salsa can be traced back to several cultures and it is even an outcome of the creative minds of several individuals.

Essays On Ballroom Dancing

Generally speaking, Salsa came into existence and experienced evolution as a result of the refinement of several different dances exercised in Afro-Caribbean and Latin.

Salsa dance is eventually designed for a world where leg and arm work with mesmerizing body movements give rise to passionate emotions and at the same time tend to be equally romantic.

Salsa dance is actually a partner dance which is usually danced to salsa music.

Africans, who are also attributed as major contributors to Salsa, are more concerned with racial issues.

4.0 Conclusion The previous focus of discussion regarding salsa is its exquisiteness and a description of the styles involved.


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