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Critics consider her as the reality that women should be living.

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Henceforth, we will examine three aspects of the novel which are, the notions about and standpoint towards children of that era, how are literary techniques employed to present the children of the Victorian period and how does this literature provide a look on the characteristics of world and the quintessence established.

Published in 1865, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland was set in the late eighteen hundred, Victorian period in Britain.

Nevertheless, the author has a captivating narrative of feminism that is embodied in Alice.

The setting of the book is the Victorian era, giving readers a perfect opportunity to know what was happening then and the phases in which women were receiving recognition or being oppressed. She is considered to be a rebel who has decided to break with tradition.

The author, though, illustrates a child who is curious, observant and stubborn, but possesses a good heart, has not specifically pointed out anything that may represent the children of those times and what were the concepts about children during the Victorian period.

Hence, with the help of the historical and geographical background of the novella, we will expound and propound the theories that concern a child of that era and what kind of attitude they were subjected to.

The author did not even have the courtesy of presenting a single civil woman.

This only serves to perpetuate the assertion that women are second rate citizens in the society.

She is regarded as assertive, curious and very active.

This appears strange to everyone around considering that this is the Victorian era.


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