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It is arbitrary-set hierarchy that will form the focus of much of the rest of this article. Third, and most importantly, it is the form of hierarchy most associated with extremes of injustice in their most brutal and oppressive forms.It is, thus, most associated with the range of conditions attendant to intractable conflict.

Inequalities resulting from natural occurrences are, as in this situation, not of concern in this discussion, however much damage they may bring. We were without power for two to five days, a great inconvenience.

Once the damage was repaired, however, all of the users were once again on an equal footing.

Thus, this is not a fixed situation, and I will not focus on this form of hierarchy in the remainder of the article. One's position is determined at birth and, with the exception of the possibility of a sex-change operation, remains the same throughout the life cycle.

Gender hierarchy can also be called patriarchy since, in all known societies, it takes the form of men possessing greater social and economic power than women. Second, it interacts with the other hierarchies, particularly the gender hierarchy, to institutionalize inequity.

Not long ago, there was a major ice storm that hit numerous communities in South Carolina.

Essays About Power And Authority

Hundreds of thousands of people lost electric power. In the aftermath of the storm, people had unequal access to electrical power. The inequality was the result of the path of the storm, a situation over which no one had control.

Inequity goes beyond this: the distribution is not only unequal; it is unfair and unjust.

A simple example may help to clarify the distinction.

Blacks were defined as less than human in much European thinking that was then used to justify colonization and the slave trade.

Such thinking was imported to the New World and became a rationalization for slavery, rape, Jim Crow laws, and a variety of other atrocities.


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