Essay On The Poem Mother To Son By Langston Hughes

This gives the reader a hint that the poem is a poem were, the mother, in some way or another is molding or guiding the son into the right path.Here the metaphor of a "crystal stair" is being used to convey what the mother's life has been like.The "crystal stair" represents a life of glamour and magnificence.However, he believed that things would change and his culture must press on.By 1929, he was a well know poet during the Harlem Renaissance, the growth of African-American art and literature in Harlem, New York.One of them being "Mother to Son", which expresses how the blacks must stand tall and believe in a better future.Starting with the title, "Mother to Son", allows the reader to trust that the poem is going to be about a mother and a son.Hughes' literary elements are prime examples of a "race" that presume their position in the world and attempt to make a difference.A race triumphs as it undergoes several obstacles and shortcomings, thus proving an improved and enhanced race."Mending Wall" is about a man fixing a wall that has holes in it.Both of these poems are about the hard work it takes to get something done.


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