Essay On The Lovely Bones Theme

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As the investigation stalls, Jack becomes increasingly convinced that Harvey is the murderer, which widens the growing rift between him and Abigail.

One evening, Jack sees a flashlight coming from the cornfield.

Inside, they become engaged and decide to buy and fix up the house.

At home, Jack has a heart attack during an argument with Buckley and is hospitalized, prompting Abigail’s return.

Brian, thinking Jack was attacking Clarissa, beats him badly, breaking his knee.

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As Jack recovers from his injuries, Abigail begins an affair with Fenerman.Featured content includes commentary on major characters, 25 important quotes, essay topics, and key themes like Coming of Age and Sexuality and Grieving Traumatic Loss., written by American author Alice Sebold and published in 2002, tells the tragic story of Susie Salmon.Susie is 14-year-old girl from suburban Norristown, Pennsylvania, whom her neighbor, George Harvey, rapes and murders.Susie sees the spirits of Harvey’s other victims and sees his tragic and abusive childhood.Abigail leaves the family, traveling to California where she works at a winery.Thinking it is Harvey returning to the scene of the crime, Jack goes out to confront him with a baseball bat.However, it is only Susie’s best friend, Clarissa, meeting her boyfriend, Brian.Susie’s friends and classmates leave town and move on with their lives: Lindsey and her boyfriend Samuel graduate from high school and go off to university together; Ray attends university where he studies to be a doctor; and Ruth moves to NYC where she walks the city and sees the spirits of dead women and children, writing down her visions in her journal.Several years later, Lindsey and Samuel are returning from their university graduation when a storm drives them into an old abandoned house outside of town.Harvey also returns to Norristown, where he watches Lindsey, but a police officer runs him off before he can do anything.As Ruth and Ray explore the sinkhole, Harvey drives past, which causes Ruth and Susie’s souls to switch places.


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