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The following sections will draw distinctions between teamwork and group work, highlighting the opportunities associated with team-driven performance.Further, several theoretical models of teamwork will be introduced, demonstrating underlying benefits of optimised team management and goal setting.Whilst group-based projects and group work solutions have been prescribed throughout a variety of educational, enterprise, and social scenarios, the distinction between individual and collaborative roles within the group work concept results in a variety of outcomes. (205), for example, suggest that the degree and level of collaboration is a highly variable framework, one which is defined according to the complexity of the project, the characteristics of the team itself, and the overarching objectives of the leadership.

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Through this discussion, a framework of organisational implications will be introduced, focusing on team-generated performance and the importance of effective team outcomes in meeting organisational goals.

In spite of their seeming interoperability, Fritz (2014:1) emphasises that the terms ‘team’ and ‘group’ hold practical distinctions when represented in the context of enterprise management.

(203) recognise that there are three dominant role categories including action-oriented, people oriented, and thinking/problem solving-oriented under which eight distinct role behaviours can be grouped: implementer, completer/finisher, shaper, coordinator, team worker, resource investigator, monitor evaluator, and plant.

Figure 1: Team Role Theory Model (Source: Batenburg et al., 203) Whilst the foundations of Belbin’s (20) role theory were predicated upon a tenuous balance between role assignments and team performance, Batenburg et al.

A team is a group of people working together to achieve the same objectives.

Katzenbach and Smith state in their report The Discipline of Teams (1993) that ‘the essence of a team is common commitment.

Without it, groups perform as individuals; with it, they become a powerful unit of collective performance.’ Throughout this study, I will analyse the many different advantages and disadvantages of working in teams and its effects on team members and their performance and commitment within the team.

I will consider many different aspects of team work and refer to certain established theories in Of course with the many advantages of teamwork, one can find several disadvantages of working in teams.

A disadvantage of teamwork may be the fact that it is very time consuming and may take members a long time to make decisions, as all viewpoints of team members need to be considered.

It may take a while for team members to come to an agreement of what should be done or where to meet and when.


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