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This classroom is a 9th grade inclusion classroom, consisting of a total of 21 students, ten with individual education programs.

- Classroom observation is defined as a nonjudgmental description of classroom events that can be analyzed and interpreted to understand what went on in the classroom (Gebhard, 1999).

Through observation, mentors should attempt to provide the mentees with opportunities to gain deepening awareness of their teaching practices, personal values and beliefs (Gebhard, 2008).

This awareness is shaped by enabling the mentees see their teaching differently by showing them how to make their own teaching decisions through systematic observation, and exploration of their own and other’s teaching (Gebhard, 1999; Oprandy, 1999)....

[tags: Scientific method, Observation, Teacher] - Naturalistic observation is a method that is used to collect behavioral data in real life situations.

[tags: High school, Education, Observation, Stereotype] - A.

Evaluation Form or Observation Protocol The evaluation form that was used to evaluate a classroom teacher’s performance is a rubric used by the school district (Hillsborough County Public Schools, 2012). Performance Factors The teacher was rated using a rubric with specific criteria in four domains including planning and preparation, the classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities (Hillsborough County Public Schools, 2012).The researcher can also join the setting and became a part of it so as to gain the trust of the subjects. [tags: Scientific method, Observation, Family, Marriage] - Assignment 4 - Formal Classroom Observation A formal observation was conducted on a tenure history teacher, using the Mc Rel Evaluation tool.Prior to the evaluation, the teacher met with the administrator to discuss the lesson objective and talk about the dynamics and make-up of the classroom.The purpose of this meeting that is held each Tuesday and Thursday is class on Understanding Human Behavior in a Social Environment.This paper will reflect my observations of the class flow and some of my personal opinions.The observation began on Thursday 5 November 2015 at am, and the professor is already here....[tags: Education, Observation, Row] - For observation log number one, I observed Mrs.[tags: Observation, Scientific method, Hypothesis] - Clifford Geertz once said: “Cultural analysis is intrinsically incomplete.And, worse than that, the more deeply it goes the less complete it is.” I recently spent a short amount of time at a busy 5-way traffic circle near my residence.[tags: Ethnographic Observation Essay] - Observation is a classic technique of primary data generation in early childhood research.This can be hardly surprising, given the emphasis placed on observation as a tool in our classroom practice (Mukherji & Albon, 2015).


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