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I’m not usually one who can easily relate to a poem but this one elicits so much passion for the game of basketball that it resonates in my head.The way that the game is described in the poem makes me think back to the mindset I had when I was just a little kid playing dunk ball on my 6 foot hoop in the driveway.I think his reason for choosing Magic Johnson has a deeper meaning than that he really likes him as a player.

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I remember when I stepped out onto that court my first time starting varsity in high school I felt like there was magic in the room.

All the shouts and cheers seemed to blend together but in the end all the noise was for me and my team just as he refers to it in the poem “sweating chants of your name”.

finals are underway in Los Angeles, and league executives—from P. folks to owners to the game’s top brass— must all be smiling at the marketing prospects of Lakers vs. Apologies to residents of Flagstaff or Kissimmee, but the pairing is a bit more enticing to the casual fan than Suns vs.

The Celtics and Lakers first met in the finals in 1959, and their six matchups in the sixties (6-0 Celtics, by the way) cemented the teams as foes, but the rivalry as it exists in the contemporary consciousness began in 1979, when Larry Bird and Magic Johnson entered the league. More seriously for Wallace, these books reveal how different great tennis players, runners, or basketball players are from the curious mortals who follow their careers.

This movie made the game of basketball feel magical because Jordan struggles through almost the whole movie playing these huge monsters that he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to compete against until he drinks the magical green formula that gives him the ability to fly and stretch his arms multiple body lengths.

The song “I Believe I Can Fly” comes on when Jordan first feels his powers working, and magically this song popped into my head when I was reading this poem!Yet despite her best efforts to enliven the proceedings, the story of the two greatest basketball players of the nineteen-eighties and often heralded saviors of the N. A., fails to enthrall in just the ways Wallace has noted.Both men worked really hard, loved to win, and now have a grudging respect for each other. Yet that’s also the revelation of the book, that the two men, for all their manifest differences, are largely, perhaps even boringly, similar. Both teams wear the same colors they did in the eighties, but everything else has changed.I especially like this poem because it makes me think of all my glory days of playing basketball and also watching basketball.I feel as if I can relate to everything Troupe is saying.(See this year’s list here.) But I’d root for the Celtics even if they got together to torch the Boston Public Library. A Poem for “Magic”, written by Quincy Troupe is a truly dazzling poem.My favorite move was the skyhook and I remember it just as he described Kareem “popping the cords”.In music, chords are the base structure of any song just like post players on a basketball team are the base of the team.He uses words that pop in every line and they create vivid pictures of all these different moves I’ve personally seen “Magic” perform.He talks about “magic’s” deadly no look pass, his glorious sky hook, how he glides through the air, and all of this shows just how beautiful the game of basketball is, and just how much Troupe admires it.


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