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In the 19th century, other types of geometry were described.

In the 19th century, other types of geometry were described.Now, Euclid's work is called Euclidean geometry to distinguish it from the other methods.More than one thousand editions have been printed throughout the decades.

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He may have become educated at Plato's Academy in Athens, or possibly from some of Plato's students.

He is an important historical figure because all of the rules we use in Geometry today are based on the writings of Euclid, specifically The first edition of the Elements was actually printed in 1482 in a very logical, coherent framework.

It cannot be too strongly emphasized that this single volume in no way purports to present the history of mathematics in its entirety. The dialogues of Plato show, however, that the Greek mathematical community had been stunned by a disclosure that virtually demolished the basis for the Pythagorean faith in whole numbers.

It is hoped, however, that such inadvertencies as may survive beyond the stage of page proof will not do violence to the sense of history, broadly understood, or to a sound view of mathematical concepts. It had been a fundamental tenet of Pythagoreanism that the essence of all things, in geometry as well as in the practical and theoretical affairs of man, are explainable in terms of arithmos, or intrinsic properties of whole numbers or their ratios.

Many of them had been proposed by earlier mathematicians.

Possibly the greatest value of Euclid's writings is that they present the ideas as a comprehensive, well-organized reference.

It appeared, therefore, that there was room for a new book — one that would meet more satis- factorily my own preferences and possibly those of others. Let a be the edge of the cube to be doubled, and let the point (a, 0, 0) be the center of three mutually perpendicular circles of radius a and each lying in a plane perpendicular to a coordinate axis.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 68-1 650i Printed in the United States of America To the Memory of My Parents Howard Franklin Boyer and Rebecca Catherine (Eisenhart) Boyer Preface Numerous histories of mathematics have appeared during this century, many of them in the English language. Actually, few of the histories at hand are textbooks, at least not in the American sense of the word, and Scott's History is not one of them. The most striking contribution was a three-dimensional solution of the Delian problem which may be most easily described, somewhat anachronistical^, in the modern language of analytic geometry.

Euclid's book the Elements also contains the beginnings of number theory.

The Euclidean algorithm, which is often referred to as Euclid's algorithm, is used to determine the greatest common divisor (gcd) of two integers.


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