Essay On Brain Power

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Margaret, the eldest member of my family unit, was severely handicapped, blind, and yet a very happy person.

Listening to Radio Luxembourg and RTE’s Gerry Ryan were her two greatest pleasures in life.

It provided relief for both of them in times of frustration and stress.

It also provided a medium in which we all could sing together offering a method of communication and harmony.

She could however vocalise two words – ‘yes’ and ‘no’, but they were not always appropriately placed in her responses.

She also had paralysis of the right side of her body which meant the left side of her brain was damaged. The first morning following her arrival home from hospital was most memorable.

Playing and singing raised my spirits and at least gave relief from the sterility of not caring about anything or anybody.

Depression is cruel and unforgiving; it consumes and negates all thoughts to the point of exhaustion.

The brain is the control centre for all the body’s functions, such as walking, talking, swallowing, breathing, taste, smell, heart rate and so on.

It also controls all our thinking functions, our emotions, how we behave and all our intellectual (cognitive) activities, such as how we attend to things, how we perceive and understand our world and its physical surroundings, how we learn and remember and so on.


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