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These fuels are burned in power stations to drive turbines that generate electricity.Car engines also burn fossil fuels, as do many home furnaces and water heaters.However, there is a more important reason to conserve fossil fuels, and that's to help heal the environment.

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Without this respite, the Earth may reach a tipping point beyond which that healing is impossible, and it may become uninhabitable.

That is probably the most compelling reason to conserve fossil fuels.

It's much easier to keep the boat sailing on the same course. Burning them creates atmospheric pollutants, and scientists are in virtually unanimous agreement that one of the primary pollutants, carbon dioxide, is responsible for the climate change trend that is producing increasingly erratic weather patterns.

Another drawback is that the supply of fossil fuels may seem unlimited, but it isn't.

Example: So we can see that the need for petroleum conservation is real, and that there are many ways to improve its efficient use.

By prudent use, we can preclude the possibility that someday in the near future, oil will not be…

A drop of oil burned is a bucket of glacier melted.... The exact amount of chemical must be applied to break up the oil, if too much is applied, the remains may harm the environment.

The understanding of the law of conservation of mass can be used to solve oil spills.

Nevertheless, there is a growing awareness of the importance of the conservation of fuel sources among environmentalists and economic policy makers.

This is true for two reasons: The supply of fossil fuels is finite, and the pollution from burning them is bad for the environment.


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