Essay In Science In Everyday Life

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The mobile phone is another invention for communication with people within a second.Radio is another remarkable wonder/blessing of modern science. ‘It provides and entertains us with recreation, best songs, dramas, plays, radio reports, stories, autobiographies, and world news.

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The invention of the rudder is another wonder/blessing of science.

It is used in detecting the direction and range of aircraft, ships etc.

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Through it, we hear the human voice from the farthest corner of the globe.

It is one of the greatest inventions of modern science.Besides, It is used in the fields of trade, commerce, and medical science.The release of nuclear energy is the greatest wonder of modern science.With the help of this energy, man can take an atom bomb, the hydrogen bomb, the missiles etc. Man can also use this energy for peaceful and constructive purposes.In the field of spreading education, the role of science is very remarkable.It is the most up – to – date means of communication, instruction, and amusement.Through it, the members of a family can watch it with profit and pleasures in their own houses.Essay on Science in Everyday Life or Wonder of Modern Science -Introduction: At present we are living in the age of science. For instance, once upon a time, people had to cover long distances to give and receive messages, which took even months. Now city or town – dwellers can hardly imagine their life without it. The Invention of these are the important wonders/blessings in our life.Everywhere we can see the wonders science has done. Now we can send and receive messages with the help of telephone, telegram, fax, and e-mail. It lights our houses and streets and cools us in the hot summer. News, messages, and views are communicated through them from one place to another.It has made people unemployed by inventing working machines. The working machine helps increasing more production. Scientific inventions like an atom bomb, nuclear bomb, heavy weapons have done great harm to mankind.A man can destroy a long distant established by dint of scientific invention sitting at his drawing room.


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