Essay Homosexuality In Play Shakespeare

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There are some brash assumptions made with the homosexuality question.

The section regarding motives also engages well with the task, exploring the poison imagery well.

So it's quite surprising that as an audience we are left to wonder if Iago is infact gay.

What can be confirmed is that Iago's sexuality is extremely twisted.

At times Iago's schemes seem to work unrealistically well which you could say proves this idea of magic and potions.

As soon as everyone arrives in Cypress Iago puts his plans in effect. Although the first task is ridiculous, this essay engages with the question quite well.Shakespeare has presented in Iago a character whose only motive is evil for it's own sake.Do you think either of these views encapsulates Iago and his motives?However, this is only done a few times, whereas it should be done throughout!There is little awareness of the audience response or dramatic effect when analysing quotes.I like how the essay picks up on Iago's use of poison imagery, however there is little discussion of what effect it has.There is no use picking out a good point if it's not fully elaborate upon.We have no way of knowing whether Marlowe had ever said any such things, but his alleged plans for coining, denounced by Baines and investigated in January 1592, must have been nonsense, because Kit was not punished for it.As for charges of immoral behaviour, they seem to have been standard procedure in famous prosecutions for “heresy” in all times and all religions, so those Boies were probably nonsense as well.The speed that he works at as well shows his power.As soon as everyone arrives in Cypress Iago puts his plans in effect.


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