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Perhaps the most influential and groundbreaking scientist, Gregor Mendel, he was responsible to provide a path to where genetics is now today with his experiments of garden peas.

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There are many events that both parents and the children can enjoy together, such as wagon rides and apple picking....

[tags: Apple, Fruit, Apple crisp, Rosaceae] - A Day At Lynd’s Fruit Farm “Cider, All You Can Drink for 10 cents” had become famous for the little retail market named Lynd’s Fruit Farm in 1954.

Finally, there is expected to be only one white, vestigial fly that possesses homozygous recessive alleles in both loci.

There is a chance that there may be different outcomes to the F2 generation due to the possibility that the Line A and the Line B generation were not all homozygous dominant in wing type for females and eye color in males.

There were tons of billboards that were set up around the small town of Pataskala, and after having put up the signs, it drew in a crowd larger than you can imagine.

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A bunch of local people and even highway travelers visited the market to what it was all about. Everybody knows the importance of fruit as a part of a well-balanced diet, but most people do not know just how good fruit is for health.Eating a healthy amount of fruit improves the ability for the body to lose weight.For the most common fruit such as bananas, apples, oranges, and peaches, this means one whole fruit.One whole banana, and other fruit of medium size, would cover one daily serving.As far as the F2 generations go, the phenotypes are expected to have a 9:3:3:1 ratio.There should be 9 brown, normal fruit flies, and 3 of each the brown, vestigial fly and the white, long fly.Genetic Hypothesis The F1 generation hypothesis is that with the Line A, B cross, the F1 for our group will be expected to be heterozygous dominant (Vv Bb) at both loci.This is because of the cross of Line A, which was consisting of Males with the genotype of vv BB, and of line B that were females with the genotype VVbb.Bananas kept in the refrigerator will only turn black from decay; they will not ripen.After decay begins, the banana loses the nutrients desired.


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