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'Raising the minimum wage benefits more than just the employee.By paying people more, companies can make more money, because they won't pay as much on turnover rates.In our example, the first reason we gave is a negative impact on the employee.

'Raising the minimum wage benefits more than just the employee.

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Many careers use persuasion, like law, politics, sales, blogging, and publishing.

And so, knowing how to create, organize and write a persuasive essay is an important skill to develop.

Current topics are also a good choice, like wages, equal rights, humanity issues, the environment, education and employment.

Take a stance on any of these issues, and find plenty of evidence to support it.

Steer clear of issues you may not have experience with.

For example, it may be more difficult for a young person to write an essay on raising the retirement age, since they have no experience with retiring.

Think of a time you tried to convince someone of something.

Maybe you wanted your parents to buy you a car, or you tried to talk a professor into a higher grade or more time for an assignment.

These are examples of using persuasion, the act of trying to get someone to believe or do as you want. Think of the last time you watched TV, listened to the radio, or even drove down a busy street.

Companies were trying to persuade you to buy their products, using commercials and billboards.


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