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Economics Coursework Ib-75
If you need help with practicing your technique for IB Economics, check out the Economics side of .

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It’s a pretty dry subject but there’s a lot of emphasis on practicing how to put theory into practice.

Usually this means you need to apply the theory you’ve learned into a coherent argument (something you’ll need to do in many subjects anyway).

I’ll pick up the thread next time with the issue of how to meet the criteria and get your marks.

Note that in using examples, I will take great care to use articles that are older than two years in order to avoid them being “re-written” and submitted to your teachers. This is a word-for-word translation.) Here are a few additional avuncular titbits I have slapped previous pupils in the face with over the years upon returning their scripts: 1.

In essence, not only do you need to learn the definitions, graphs, and associated theories, you need to practice your own technique.

This applies for your internal assessment, in class quizzes and tests (if your teacher assigns them to you) and especially the final exams.

Did I mention that you should read the rules and IB marking criteria? As for methodology in terms of handing-in and getting feedback, that is left to your school, IB coordinator and teacher.

I have written about this in the Teacher Blog for Economics here on the OSC website.

In comparison to IB Economics, IB Business gives you a foundation of knowledge and understanding for each of the five units covered.

It deals with matters within firms, and you will find yourself learning practical knowledge through case studies.


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